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A) Product Name
Transformer Cork Gasket.

B) Raw Material 
TF-PG (TD-1049) is compounded with Nitrile ( NBR ) Rubber

C) Purpose
Seal Gaskets. 

This product is suitable for most transformer oils at application temperatures.

D) Scope
Ideal for Transformer Seal Gasket , to avoid leaking at defined temperature

E) Characteristics
1) Temperature Range : -30 °C to 125 °C
2) Stress Range : 5.5 to 20 MPa ( 800 to 2900 psi )
3) Compression Strength : Exceeds 70 MPa ( 10,000 psi )

TF–PG (TD-1049) conforms to all present regulations for hazardous substances.
1) Asbestos Free
2) Heavy Metals ( RoHS Compliant )
3) Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons ( PAH ) Free

TF-PG (TD-1049) is suited for Mineral and silicone oil according to:-
ASTM D3455 – Test Methods for compatibility of construction material with Electrical Insulating Oil of Petroleum origin.
ASTM D5282 – Test Methods for compatibility of construction material with Silicone Fluid used for Electrical Insulation.

Fluid Contact Suitabilities:-
1) Mineral Oil – Suitable
2) Natural Ester Oil – Suitable
3) Silicone Oil – Suitable
4) SF6 Gas – Acceptable

Sealing Stress - A Load Deflection (LD) curve is a Stress (MPa) vs. Strain (mm) curve. It is the load required to compress a material at a destined thickness and a determined deflection. It is very useful when making material selections to meet engineering requirements such as flange load or controlled compression applications.

System Distortion - conformability is the ability of a gasket material to conform to flange surface roughness and out-of-flatness. At a given sealing stress, a corresponding maximum allowable flange distortion assures that a “positive seal” is guaranteed for a defined material thickness.

F) Specification 

1) Thickness of 2mm ,  3mm , 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 8mm , 10mm , 12mm


Transformer Cork Gasket for Sealing / Flanges / Gaskets

NBR Transformer Bushing

NBR Transformer Bushing