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1) Introduction:-

Infectious disease specialists have warned that viruses can live on the soles of shoes for up to a few days, with footwear more likely to carry virus if it has been worn in busy areas like supermarkets, airports or on public transport etc.

 All workers on the front lines should be sure to clean their shoes.

2) Purpose:-
To disinfect the soles of shoes as "carriers" and prevent the spread of contagion disease from one place to another. The mat prevents transporting "disease" from "IMPORT" or "EXPORT" and acts as a filter. Most shoes have a non-porous rubbery sole – a surface on which the infectious disease can last as long as a few days. The shoe's sole was the “breeding ground of more bacteria and fungi and viruses than the upper part of the shoe”.

3) Scope:-
Workplaces / hospitals / clinics / pharmacies/ farms / restaurants / supermarkets / offices / premises etc .

Usage method / How to use our mats:-

Equipment Preparation:
1) Disinfectant Solution (i.e., Recommended Clinical Approved Disinfectant Solution )
2) Empty container / Bottle, one each
3) Boot Dip Rubber Mat 2pcs
4) Door Mat / Entrance Mat with Rubber Backing 2pcs
5) PPE equipment like Face Mask / Shield / Hand Gloves or other coverall garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body.

Preparation for Operation :
1) Fill up the empty container with water
2) Pour in Clinical Approved Disinfectant Solution at a recommended ratio as per Instruction
3) Entrance Area or we named “IMPORT” BLOCK:

 Place 1pc Boot Dip Mat and 1pc of Door Mat in front of Boot Dip Mat at the designated area ( Entrance )
4) Exit Area, or we named “EXPORT” BLOCK:

 Place another piece of Boot Dip and Door Mat at Exit Area.
5) Pour in the Mixture gradually onto the Boot Dip Mat and step in and test the mixture level till cover soles’ group and no spillage of the mixture.

Start Of Operation :
1) Ready for use, Step in the boot dip mat and rub the soles of the shoes for at least 10 ~ 20 seconds before entering/exiting the workplace; dry up the mixture with ( Door Mat ) Waterhog Entrance mat placed in front of the disinfectant dip boot mat for “ trapping “ water " & "Drink up" water/solution to keep the floors clean and dry after disinfection.
2) Replenish the disinfectant solution at least every 2 to 4 hours for high traffic OR at least once a day for low traffic.

End Of Operation :
1) Clean up the residual disinfectant solution of the Boot Dip Mats & Door Mats regularly with Hand Protected Gloves ( Recommended complete Protection, i.e. Face Mask / Shield / Hand Gloves or other coverall garments designed to protect the wearer's body from infection ).

 DO NOT TOUCH the residual solution/mats WITH BARE HANDS.

A) Product Name 
Disinfectant Boot Dip Rubber Mat 

B) Raw Material :
Made of Natural Rubber that resists most chemicals.

C) Purpose
Ideal for use in a critical hygiene environment, designed for areas that require disinfecting before entering, cleaning dirt and grime from shoes and entrances, reducing the spread of germ/virus.

D) Scope

Provides a disinfectant / sanitising solution for any area, e.g., sterile environments, healthcare facilities, food processing industries like restaurants/eating establishments & other sectors.

 Disinfectant Boot Dip mats are also used in commercial farms ( agricultural ) and animal shelters to remove the transfer of disease to and from animals or prevent the spread of contagion germ/bacteria/viruses from one place to another.

Once again, remember, " The sole of a shoe is the main breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viruses."

E) Characteristics 

1) Made of durable Natural Rubber.
2) Natural Rubber offers good resistance to both tear and abrasion damage.
3) Raised walls on the boot dip sanitising mat hold 20 Litres of anti germicidal detergent or any liquid for hygienic cleaning.
4) Hundreds of rubber bristles with a thickness of ~15mm, which encourage boot cleaning whilst trapping dirt and grit.
5) All Black or with yellow edges for high visibility & Cross grip rear design firmly holds the mat to the floor
6) Hundreds of rubber bristles encourage boot cleaning whilst trapping dirt.

F) Specification
1) Model : BD47BLK980X810 for All Black

2) Model : BD47YLW980X810 for Black with Yellow edges .

3) Our boot dip mats feature a maximum height of ~47mm , Width 980mm & Length 810mm / pc

4) Weight: ~14 kgs / pc

Entrance Mat ( Waterhog ) with Rubber Backing & "Water-Dam" Border

Purpose: Most popular entrance mats for “ trapping “ water & "Drinking up " water and mud to keep the floors clean and dry to be placed after disinfection.

2 Sizes available : 2ft (0.60m) x 3ft (0.90m) & 3ft (0.90m) x 5ft (1.6m)


Sanitation Practices Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) to Minimize Spread Of Infectious Disease through soles of shoes

Ideal for use in critical hygiene environment, designed for areas that required disinfecting before entering , cleaning dirt and grime from shoes and entrances where reducing the spread of germs / virus.

Disclaimer :

The information, figures, contained on this website - which acts as a guide only to customers .

If necessary, please seek clinical professional advice before placing order from us.